Update from Bryce. 

If you have been following us on social media, you’ve seen the past month has been very busy – finishing school, preparing to move, and truly settling in to life in another country. Over this time period, our son Bryce has been working on his very own blog post! Check it out here:

I have been here in Guatemala for two months. I have done so many different things that I would never be able to do in the United States. For example, how many people can say, “I rode a horse up a volcano and roasted marshmallows on it”? Not many. 

Those who have been on mission trips may have heard of a goat named Wally. I got to see him on the property. He had a really big beard. There’s a lot of cool things at City of Hope! 

The day before I left the United States I thought I would be alone. So I prayed about it and in less than five minutes after I left the airport I had made a friend (Daniel). I was also worried that I wouldn’t know any thing here. But soon after I got here I went to McDonalds! And then I got to go to Walmart! 

Last week was my last week of Spanish school. I went to school for 4 hours each day, Monday through Friday, but when trips come from Stonecreek I went 5 hours a day Monday through Thursday.

One day in my last week of school I heard a cat meowing. Me, my mom, and my baby sister Baylee went on a walk and when we got back it was still meowing. I called it and it came up to me. It was a little baby kitten!🐱 I got it some milk for it. It wouldn’t leave the house so we took it to the vet and it was less than one pound! AND MY MOM SAID I COULD KEEP IT!!! She is so cute and her name is Sarita 😻!

Staying in Guatemala is so much fun! Last weekend I moved to Guatemala City. I live right next to Jose’s family! Some people from Stonecreek mission trips got to see my new house. Please be praying for us and our move! We can not wait to start sharing the gospel with the kids at City of Hope. 

Everybody here is so nice I hope I can learn to be more like them.                                                              

                             Bryce 🇺🇸❤️🇬🇹

6 thoughts on “Update from Bryce. 

  1. I’m super proud of you, Bryce. I love your willingness to step out of your comfort zone to explore the things God has for you. Pursuing a life with Jesus is the greatest adventure ever. How cool it is that you got to roast marshmallows on a volcano. That is AMAZING!

    Thank you for sharing so many pictures and stories with us. It challenges those of us back in the states to trust that Jesus is in control and that He hears our prayers. I love how you were uncertain about things you prayed to God. Even better, I love that you recognize the connection between your prayers and how God has provided you with new experiences and friends. Thank you for being the one to share your experiences with us instead of having your mom and dad write about it. It’s really cool to see Guatemala and HOPE through your eyes. You are a great story teller. I felt like I was right there in Guatemala as I read about your encounter with Sarita. By the way, she is ADORABLE.

    We miss you, Bryce. The Cole family is praying for you as get ready to start school. Keep us posted. We’d love to hear all about it!

    Jeff, Angela, Gracie, and Emma


  2. Great job Bryce! We are so proud of you. Thank you for documenting your journey in your own perspective!
    We miss you and can’t wait to read your next entry!!
    PS-Sarita is soooo cute! you have a cool mom to let you keep her:)
    Lots of love and prayers,
    The Christersons


  3. Such a great job showing us a picture of your life there in Guatemala! I loved reading it and can’t wait to share this with all my kids! 🙂 Your kitten is absolutely adorable! Give Sarita a snuggle for us!


  4. Bryce, I loved your blog. Keep up the good work!. I am so glad you are loving Guatemala. I knew you would because God gives you joy when you do what he calls you to do. Sounds like you have a great new friend in Daniel. You will have so much fun together! Your trip to the volcano….very interesting, but I don’t know if I could have walked all that way for a marshmallow! Wally the goat sounds like an interesting fellow. Don’t get any headbutts! The new Kitty looks sweet. Take good care of her. Do you know what kind of cat she is? Give mom,dad, and Baylee a hug for me. I miss you. Maybe I will come to Guatemala to see you all and the wonderful City of Hope. Love you, Aunt Wanda aka Nana


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