Jose Armas-Director of Hope for Guatemala


We would love for you to take a little time out of your day and check out this 5 minute video from Jose Armas. For those that don’t know Jose is the director of Hope for Guatemala, the ministry that our family will be serving while in Guatemala.  Jose has an amazing vision and is very passionate for following the calling that God has placed on him to help break cycles and make the Guatemala of tomorrow a better place.


We are currently selling tshirts under the menu button there is a link to take you to the site.  If you purchase one in the remainder of this month we will enter your name into a raffle to win a cool prize. (comment on this post once the purchase is made to be entered)  100% of the profits from the tshirt sales will be going to our fundraising campaign.

We are also still in need of monthly supporters willing to commit to the next 18 months and as always your one time donations are always appreciated.

Thank you


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