Spirit lead me.

In the fall of 2013 Brad took his first mission trip to Zone 18 of Guatemala City, Guatemala. He witnessed poverty-stricken families who, only through God’s grace, maintained a sense of joy unlike anything he had ever seen. He fell in love with children who didn’t speak his language but somehow could feel that he loved them. He returned with 3 important things- a broken heart, a new name (more about that later), and a new calling on his life. Brad came back from Guatemala as an international missionary.

To call us international missionaries almost seems laughable. Me? Travel to a foreign place, leave my children (or take them!) for an extended period of time? Ha! Several months after Brad’s first trip, he told me God wanted us to go to serve in Guatemala as a family, for an extended period. I heard that and I thought he had lost his mind!

Over the next months, God did a work in my heart. One morning in church, my dear friend Jacqi led our congregation in one of my favorite worship songs. We sang a reference to the story in the Bible of Peter walking on the water. Singing that song that day had a new meaning to me. I was already tearing up when the chorus came.


As I sang those lines, I heard God’s voice questioning me. “Do you really desire for me to lead you where your trust is without borders? Will you walk on any waters I lead you to? Do you desire to go deeper with me? Will you let your feet wander?” In that moment, my heart was broken. I recalled a verse from Psalm 51: “Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me”. I went back to the day I dedicated my life to the Lord, and I reminisced about the moments I promised Him I would do anything for Him. It was then, I realized that for years the borders of my trust had laid hand in hand with the borders of my comfort zone- the borders of Alpharetta, GA. I realized that God was calling me to break those borders, fly across waters, and let my feet wander down a new and, to be honest, frightening path. As the song says “there I find You in the mystery”. I now know that God is bringing my family on a journey to meet him in Guatemala and get to know a new side of Him we wouldn’t be able to see if we didn’t answer His call.

In July of 2015 this call was made clear after months of prayer and very very wise counsel. Now we’re preparing for the journey of a lifetime. In just 3 short months we will resign from our positions, sell or pack up everything we own, and fly away from our comfort zone to a foreign land. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. God has been faithful to remind us of His promises and we know he has quite the adventure ahead of us. We’re honored God has allowed us to participate in His work, and we feel very blessed to know YOU are along for the ride too!


2 thoughts on “Spirit lead me.

  1. Your family is an inspiration and it makes me smile to hear your story. As my Nanny always said before we travelled, “God bless you on your journey”. I’m sure you will do great things and bring soo much love to all the people you meet.

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